Loft 3A

Freshen up your home

Everything goes without much hitches until that leads to choosing colors for the walls – do not know I have to follow any rules or simply rely on their own intuition.

All in one color or?

When paint and refresh the rooms well they can not be solved in the same color. Each room should have its own broadcast as a child you bought different furniture for this room. The kitchen also has to have its atmosphere and sets the mood for cooking and bustled and not feel like every time you go to bed.

The rule of three colors

If you decide to paint all the walls in the living room in one color you must first learn what recommend estheticians and interior specialists – the rule of three colors. It defines the use of three different or similar in color hue in a particular ratio – 80% for the dominant and the 15% and 5% in the other two. For example, if you select a basic green and paint the walls in the main room with him, the door and the bar, and small bevelled details will give more chic mood and if they transform into soft orange or yellow, for example. Be sure to comply with all our advice and furniture which have or intend to buy.

The layout of the room is also important

Before you buy paint, think about another rule that will provide more comfort. Rooms facing north dye in brighter as the sun shines on them less frequently, while southern areas you can afford selection of darker colors.

Color affects mood

This fact is well-known, so you well to comply with it. For example, most restaurants paint the walls in a spicy red or mustard yellow. Red, for example, stimulates the appetite, and if you want to achieve a similar effect in your kitchen, you can safely use small restaurant trick. Yellow does is to attract attention, and for his detention. If you want children to be concentrated while doing homework – this is the color of your nursery.

Experts recommend prigusheni colors for the bedroom – cocoa brown or darker shade of green. For the bathroom, where body and soul need to relax desirable are close to water and nature colors – blue, green.

The size is also important

The bright colors give the illusion of space. If you live in a small apartment, darker shades of color will make the space optically smaller. If you own a large apartment or house, you can safely experiment with more aggressive and dark colors.

Your choice

And once comply with all these things, not least the need to consider who your colors – favorite for comfort and relaxation, those who will make you feel really at home every time you cross the threshold of your refreshed home